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Yes, I want to start my 7 Step Journey so I can get the regular support I need from others to get through the bad days and tough weeks


Online Clutter Clearing Journey

Everything you need to Overcome the Overwhelm, Make Decisions, and find out WHY you Struggle with Clutter is contained in your online 7 Step Journey that you'll get as part of your Group Journey Membership.

No need to try to work out how or where to start with your Clutter Clearing any more. Time to stop the blitz's, weeding, piling, reorganising, moving, hiding and storing of your clutter.

All you need to do is follow the tried and tested online 7 Step Journey.

This time you'll be following exactly the same Journey that Clare discovered and completed herself back in 2001 and has enabled her to stay clutter free ever since.

This is the foundation of Clutter Clearing on which all the other support and resources are built and is specifically designed to help you overcome the overwhelm by breaking  down your journey to a Clutter Free life into manageable, bitesize pieces - or Steps.

The 7 Steps of the Journey are as follows:

  • Step 1: Understand the 'WHY' of your Clutter and your Home 
  • Step 2: Accumulation Control and Paperwork Clutter
  • Step 3: How to Make Decisions
  • Step 4: Backlog Clutter Clearing
  • Step 5: Sentimental Clutter
  • Step 6: Organising your Home
  • Step 7: Controlling the Clutter

Each step is broken down into Clutter Clearing Weeks.

Each Clutter Clearing Week is broken down into 5 Clutter Clearing Days. Some days you'll learn some theory. Some days you'll do some exercises.

Each Clutter Clearing Day is broken down into bitesize videos between 1 and 15 minutes in length to make sure it's not overwhelming, or mentally or physically exhausting.

You will get Completion Certificates for each and every step you complete to acknowledge your success and help you see the progress you're making.

All you need to do is simply log into your Journey online and watch and follow one bitesize video at a time.

Worth: £564 / $720 per year

Clutter Clearing Tools

No need to make your own toolkit in like other Journey members have to.

As soon as you become a Group Journey Member Clare will send you a personalised toolkit so you have everything you'll need to successfully complete Step 1. (image shown not actual toolkit). You'll then get any appropriate tools at the beginning of each Step.

  • No need to get or make your own tools like other Journey Members.
  • Guaranteed to get you started quicker and more easily.
  • Step 1 Toolkit contains:
    • LIFE Timeline 
    • Paperwork Inbox
    • Personalised Success / Gratitude Journal
    • Step 1 notebook
Worth Over: £250 / $325 per Step
Yes, I want to start my 7 Step Journey so I can get the regular support I need from others to get through the bad days and tough weeks

LOTS of Group Support

When you become a Group Journey Member you'll never be more than a couple of days away from getting the support, understanding and motivational boost you need to get through the bad days and tough weeks that we all have on our Journey.

For the 5 consecutive weeks of each Clutter Clearing Term, you'll meet other Group Journey Members 3 times a week.


You'll meet together on zoom for an hour to share your successes, support each other and get your Clutter Clearing Week off to the best possible start.


You'll gather together on zoom to 'Do the Doing' together with your Weekly Wednesday Group Clutter Clearing Session.

For the first half hour you'll share your successes, challenges, get Clare's advice if you need it, share what you're going to be working on and what your reward will be at the end of the day.

For the next 2 hours you'll go off and 'Do the Doing' on your own, which involves watching your online Journey videos, taking breaks when you need to.

You'll then come back to gather again on zoom to share how you got on, share and celebrate your successes and get Clare's advice is you need it.


On Fridays you'll meet your fellow Group Journey members again for a one hour tutorial in which Clare share's the 'Scores on the Doors' so everyone can see how we're all getting on, Clare will answer any questions people have, and Clare will share some insight that may help you understand any challenges you've been having.

Group Journey Membership is the BEST way to get the regular support you need to succeed with your Clutter Clearing.

Become a Group Journey Member Today

and SAVE 25% on Monthly Membership worth over

£700/ $900 a year

The 7 Step Journey is the quickest and easiest way to clear your clutter FOREVER.

The full annual price for Group Journey Membership would be £2,844 / $3,684. But because you’ve already proved that you’re committed to clearing your clutter, if you book before the booking deadline, you'll get a massing saving:

Become a Group Journey Member today and instead of £2,844 / $3,684 a year, you get it for just:

£237 / $307 per month

£177 / $230 per month

A saving of £720 / $924 a year

Yes, I want to start my 7 Step Journey so I can get the regular support I need from others to get through the bad days and tough weeks

Clare Knows you'll LOVE being on your 7 Step Journey!

I know that your decision to start your Journey and get the regular support you need to succeed will enable you to transform your life, not just your home, so I'm offering the following

100% Success Guarantee

Start your Journey.

Join the Monday Social Gatherings, Weekly Wednesday LIVE Group Clutter Clearing Session and Friday Group Tutorial for the 5 weeks of next term.

Continue meeting and get the regular support of those you've already met.

If by the end of next term you’re not more confident, motivated or inspired, if you’re not convinced that the Journey and the support of me and those you meet is going to enable you to get and stay motivated with your Clutter Clearing, enable you to understand WHY you have your clutter challenge and enable you to have LESS clutter by this time next year, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You'll even be able to keep your Step One Clutter Clearing Toolkit. 

Yes, I want to start my 7 Step Journey so I can get the regular support I need from others to get through the bad days and tough weeks


FREE Membership to Clare Baker's VIP Circle during the Term so you can stay connected to your fellow Group Journey Members

Still wondering if the Group Journey Membership is for you?

It's perfect if you want to...

  • Never feel alone again. You want to be able to talk to and share with others who know - REALLY know - what it's like to struggle with clutter. Who know it's not about the 'stuff'. Who won't judge you or pressurise you to 'get rid' of your clutter. Who will carry you through the bad days and tough weeks we all have on our Clutter Clearing Journey.
  • Have a Practical Plan for how you're going to start Clearing your Clutter in 2022. Not just a wish or New Years Resolution. No more procrastination or 'when I have time'. This time next year you WILL have less clutter!
  • Finally break your Giving Up Cycle because you've got the support you need from Clare and others to help you, plus the support, structure and routine to build the momentum and motivation you need to succeed.
  • Understand the reasons WHY you have your Clutter Challenge such as why you struggle to focus and finish, why you procrastinate (hint: it's not because you're lazy or stupid), why you struggle to make decisions.
  • Learn how to make decisions SAFELY and quicker and more easily than you are now.
  • Learn from and be inspired and motivated by other successful Clutter Clearers who are further along their Journey by hearing their experiences, seeing their successes, sharing challenges, supporting each other.
  • Build your Routines with the weekly Social Gatherings, Group Clutter Clearing Sessions and Tutorials with Clare.
  • Get the Support You Need to Succeed and start to notice the SIGNIFCANCES of your successes.

 Become a Group Journey NOW and Start Your Journey to a Clutter Free Life FOREVER - Just like Clare did on Millennium Eve

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About Clutter Clearing...

Clutter Clearing has been helping clutterholics and hoarders around the world WITHOUT the need for a home visit since 2001.

Clutter Clearing was set up in 2001 by Clare Baker, a former clutterholic and borderline hoarder after she discovered HOW to clear your clutter without the need for anyone to come to your home to 'help' you.

Clare has clients and members in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Clare has been featured on BBC Breakfast TV, BBC South Today TV, on numerous BBC Radio stations, in Good Housekeeping, Harpers and Queen, Prima Magazine, Women and Home, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, Saga Magazine, Housing Today and many more magazines and newspapers.

Through her online Clutter College, Clare provides all the knowledge, information and support you need to succeed with your Clutter Clearing without the need for an expensive home visit.

Clare can give you the support you need to succeed either as part of a group or privately on a 1-2-1 basis, the knowledge you need to understand so you know WHY you struggle with your clutter through her workshops, and the experience of HOW to successfully clear your clutter with her short courses and LIVE classes.

If you are serious about becoming completely clutter free forever, Clare's part-time 7 Step Journey Course will takes you on the same 7 Step Journey that she discovered and started back in 2000 to successfully clear her own clutter.

If you're ready to stop struggling and start succeeding with your Clutter Clearing, find out what help Clare recommends for you and your personal circumstances by visiting her Help Centre here: 

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