Clare Baker is a former clutterholic and borderline hoarder who successfully cleared her own clutter FOREVER without the need for an expensive home visit and has spent over 20 years helping other clutterholics and hoarders do the same.


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Fed Up with your Clutter?

  • Tried having blitz's?
  • Been ruthless with your decisions and then regretted those decisions?
  • Created endless piles?
  • Piled the piles on top of each other until they toppled over?
  • Moved the piles from corner to corner, room to room?
  • Bought storage solutions to try to 'hide' your clutter?


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There is another way.......

Join me, Clare Baker a former clutterholic and borderline hoarder as I guide you, through the 7 steps that will take you from from Cluttered to Clutter Free - FOREVER.

Founded in 2001 by a former clutterholic and borderline hoarder FOR other clutterholics and hoarders who need to know they're not alone, want to understand WHY they have their Clutter Challenge, HOW to make safe decision so they can get back control THEMSELVES, go at a comfortable pace for THEM, and become Clutter Free Forever so they can move on with their lives.

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What Makes Clutter Clearing Different?

Created by Clare Baker - a determined former clutterholic and borderline hoarder - for determined clutterholics and hoarders who want to become Clutter Free FOREVER (just like she did in 2001)

Run by a Former Clutterholic

Clutter Clearing was set up by Clare Baker - a former clutterholic and borderline hoarder. Clare Cleared her Clutter Forever in 2001.

Clare KNOWS the blitz's don't work. Clare KNOWS the storage solutions don't help.Clare KNOWS it's going to take time to break old habits and create new habits.

And that's OK.

Putting YOU in Control

Nobody can make the decisions other than you. What to them may be a scrap of paper may be to you a last letter from a loved one. How will they know? You CAN make the decisions if you know HOW to make SAFE and REALISTIC decisions that are right for YOU.

We'll show you how and guide you as you do just that.

LOTS of Support

Whether you join the Weekly LIVE Social Gatherings, share in the Private Facebook VIP Circle Group, join the Weekly LIVE Q&A for all Journey Members, or simply have a Private 1-2-1 call with Clare every month, there are lots of ways to get support to stay motivated and focused through the good - and the bad - days and weeks that we all have on our Journey.

Know you are Normal and CAN clear your Clutter

All the images below are before and after picture of NORMAL clutterholics who are on - or who have finished - their Clutter Clearing Journey. They all successfully cleared their clutter following the 7 Steps of the Clutter Clearing Journey. If any rooms or areas of your home look like any of these images, then be reassured that the 7 Step Clutter Clearing Journey can work for you.

Sharon, USA

Clare, I tell everyone how you 'way over in England' are helping me with my Clutter Clearing without ever entering my house.

But I don't think I've told YOU yet.

Thank you!

I have learnt so much about WHY I've struggled with my clutter and HOW to finally clear it once and for all.

Sally, UK

Hi Clare! I have to say that you are, without a doubt, the most motivating decluttering expert I have found.

I've spent a lot of money on useless books and read a lot of useless decluttering e-mail newsletters.

You rock!

I am so motivated now!

Christina, Canada

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the habits and skills that I acquired thanks to you.

I have two more rooms to do but I have learned to be patient with myself and that Clutter Clearing forever means I have to break old bad habits and make new good habits which takes time. And I'm OK with that because I've finally cleared my clutter!


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